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Electricians in Naples FL

Since 1992, S.E. Bates Electric has been the trusted contractor for residential and commercial lighting installations and repairs in Naples, Florida. We offer the highest standard of professional service at affordable rates. Whether you need emergency electrical repair, maintenance, or installation services for your home, business, or industrial facility, our skillful electricians can meet your needs quickly and efficiently while prioritizing safety.

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Why Choose Us As Your Naples Electrical Contractor?

Our residential and commercial electricians have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle your electrical needs with total customer satisfaction. Our fleet of more than 50 service vehicles can respond to your call quickly and work to find a solution right away. We employ licensed and certified electricians to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our accuracy — our extensive, continuous training program ensures that our electricians get it right the first time.

Naples Electrician Services

We proudly serve the city of Naples, FL, and most of Collier county. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial electrical services including but not limited to the following.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Naples

We know just how important electricity is to your daily life, so if your circuit breaker box is outdated, breaks or malfunctions, you need it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. No matter what the issue is, our professional and knowledgeable electricians can inspect your electrical problem and determine the best solution. Our professional staff of electrical contractors can handle any electrical panel upgrade and replacement, as well as those involving subpanels.


Our electrical panel services include:

  • Electrical panel rewiring
  • Electrical panel relocation due to moisture or other concerns
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Circuit breaker installation and upgrades
  • Meter relocation and installation
  • Remodels & New construction wiring

Some telltale signs that you may need to replace your electrical panels include:

  • Your breaker is tripping frequently
  • Your lights dim, especially when appliances are turned on
  • You hear buzzing or crackling sounds coming from the panel
  • Your breakers will not reset

It may be best to upgrade your electrical panels when:

  • Installing an electric vehicle charger
  • Adding or upgrading heating or air conditioning units
  • Adding a pool or hot tub
  • Putting in a new refrigerator.
  • Performing bathroom & kitchen renovations
  • Adding a new room, such as a home office
  • Your breakers trip when you turn on an appliance
  • Your house doesn’t have enough power to meet your needs

Naples Lighting & Outlet, Ceiling Fan Installation

Whether you want to customize your lighting or increase energy efficiency, our team is ready to help you. Our dependable electrical experts specialize in comprehensive lighting services for homes and local businesses. We can design, wire, install, service, and maintain your ongoing lighting needs. Your electrician can work with you to create a lighting solution that best aligns with your lifestyle and budget.

Some of the most common lighting solutions we offer include:

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  • Recessed - These are installed into the ceiling, making them ideal for low ceilings as well as to achieve a seamless, aesthetically pleasing design.
  • LED - Standing for light-emitting diode, LED bulbs typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs.
  • Energy-efficient - The best energy-efficient light bulbs have either LED or CFL technology, which can help cut down your energy bill and can last 3-25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Kitchen - Often considered the heart of the home, your kitchen’s illumination is important and our licensed electricians can help create a customized, functional solution.
  • Cabinet - Under cabinet lighting can help increase kitchen functionality with the extra countertop illumination.
  • Chandeliers - Whether you want to install a new chandelier, have a burnt-out bulb, or want to upgrade all of your chandelier’s bulbs, our licensed electricians can ensure that your chandelier will work perfectly as the statement piece it is.
  • Bathroom - Light up your master and guest baths with beautiful illumination with the help of our professional electrical contractors.
  • Outdoor - Outdoor lighting & landscape lighting can help you better enjoy your outdoor living areas and make your home feel more inviting by accenting its unique architectural and landscape accents.
  • Deck and swimming pool - Proper lighting for your deck and pool is a very important safety feature for use at night.
  • Security - Security lights boost crime prevention and our expert electricians can install strategically placed floodlights and spotlights for your safety.
  • Smart home lighting controls - Smart home lighting controls bring convenience, security, luxury, and sophistication into your home.
  • Commercial - Lights play a critical role in the safety, efficiency, and functionality of any building, and our electrical contractor staff can handle all of your commercial lighting needs from design and installation to repairs and maintenance or adding new outlets and switches.

On those hot Naples days, ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool. A properly installed ceiling fan is essential, otherwise, it can become a dangerous hazard. Our electrical contractor team can help you decide what type of outlet ceiling fan best is right for the space and your wallet! We make sure the switch or remote controls are functioning properly, and can even create separate switches for your light and your fan.

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Naples Generator Services

We offer comprehensive generator services for residential and commercial customers, including installation, replacement, and preventative maintenance services. Naples, FL is prone to tropical storms, lightning strikes, and other issues that cause outages multiple times a year that may last several days. Installing a generator is the perfect solution for backup power.

Our certified electricians offer our customers only the highest quality products, which is why we exclusively install Generac generators. Generac Power Systems, Inc. manufactures a complete line of emergency backup generators that protect your home or business automatically. If your generator is costing more in fuel, has trouble starting, or has inconsistent performance, our licensed electricians can replace your generator with a Generac model that better suits your house or business’ size. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel and delivers power directly to your electrical system.

From installing a permanent generator to installing electric hookups for portable generators, our electrical contractors are here to help ensure that your generator is ready to go when you need it.

Solar Panel Installation in Naples

If you are looking to reduce your monthly utility bills, increase your property value, and take a proactive stance toward environmental responsibility, going solar is a great solution! S.E. Bates Electric offers affordable solar installed in Naples. Our team of dedicated Naples electricians is well-versed with the technicalities attached to solar installs and can answer all your questions and quickly complete the job for you! A S.E. Bates Electric professional electrical contractor has the experience and knowledge to precisely install solar panels on homes and businesses of all sizes.

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electrical restoration storm damage

Naples Storm Damage Electrical Restoration & Repairs

When nature strikes in Naples, it can result in an incredible amount of damage, including damage to the electrical service. Even small storms can cause widespread power outages. Dealing with the aftermath of a storm and the resulting repairs and insurance claims can be difficult and frustrating, that is why S.E. Bates Electric offers quick and effective electrical restoration so your property will be back up and running in no time.

If your home or business is damaged by a storm, it is always best to have a professional electrician handle any and all electrical repairs. A DIY repair approach can lead to being shocked, causing a fire, or even severe injury or death. Additionally, if you have insurance or insured items that have been damaged or destroyed during the storm, trying to fix things on your own often compromises your policy.

Contacting our licensed electricians right away is the safest and quickest solution to getting your power restored and your property up to code. We’ll walk you through the entire process, including insurance claims, permits, and communication with the utility company.

Contact Our Electrical Contractors in Naples

S.E. Bates Electric has the knowledge, equipment, and manpower to handle all of your electrical needs. For affordable, high-quality breaker box upgrades, adding outlets, an electric inspection, ceiling fan installation, whole-home generators, solar panel installation, electrical repairs, and more, contact our friendly and professional electricians in Naples & surrounding communities today for a quote or to arrange electrical services. Our experienced electricians are available now.

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