Whole Home Generators

Whole Home Generators

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Utility power interruptions, inclement weather, and unanticipated natural disasters can leave you in the dark – powerless.

Protect your business, home, data, security, and telecommunication systems – even your recreational vehicle - with the power of Generac and Bates Electric.

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Generac's Guardian brand features offer versatile and durable power generation products for residential, commercial, small business, and recreational vehicle applications. We offer:

  • Automatic Home
  • Standby Recreational
  • Vehicle Portable

Generac Power Systems, Inc. manufactures a complete line of emergency automatic standby generators for home or business that can be installed during new construction or retrofitted into existing structures. Residential emergency home standby generators are permanently installed outside in a weather protective enclosure (similar to an air-conditioning unit), supply electrical power to all pre-selected lights and appliances, and are powered by either natural gas or LPG.

Models range from 7,000 to 40,000 watts. They work with a matched automatic transfer switch that responds within seconds when utility power shuts down, even when no one is home! In addition, we offer a feature packed Commercial Product Line from Generac that has revolutionized the generator industry. Ranging from 20 kW to 150 kW, these gensets provide value without sacrificing quality and cover the needs of most any larger residence, business or light commercial application. Single phase and three phase models available.

Bates Electric also offers Guardian Ultra Source, a new line of commercial, residential, and industrial portable generators expanding our capabilities to offer every kind of generator. Portable generators provide multiple use possibilities - recreational (camping and RV), industrial/commercial (manufacturers, contractors) rental and manual emergency standby (residential).

Never be ‘powerless' again. Power-up with Bates Electric and Generac so next time the unexpected power outage comes your way you can...

  • Keep cool with your AC 'on'
  • Keep warm with your heat turned up
  • Avoid spoiled food in your refrigerator/freezer
  • Not worry about whether or not you have candles and flashlights on hand!
  • Keep data, computer, and communications systems up and running.
  • Keep your security systems and lighting ‘on'
  • Keep your sump pump working
  • Keep life-support and other medical equipment protecting lives

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