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Electricians in Alpharetta, GA

Bates Electric of Atlanta has provided top-rated industrial, residential and commercial electrical services for nearly 30 years. Through quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and superior pricing, our team of industry experts has kept us a market leader in electrical subcontracting and design.

Our team of electricians in Atlanta is here to deliver the services you need. From design and build to new construction, and home networking to electrical repairs. Whether a multi-family dwelling, a private home, or a commercial property, no job is too big or too small!

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24-Hour Emergency Electrician Service

Through a whole-house approach, our electrical contractors in Atlanta have the expertise to seamlessly keep your home and family well connected. Whether you need assistance with lighting design, installation of a home-networking system, or just some routine maintenance, our residential electrical services are available to help create a space you love. After all, at Bates Electric of Atlanta, we believe a well-powered residence, is a happy one!

Our residential services include:

• Solar power, lighting design, outdoor lighting, emergency generators, and solar power.

For a full list of our residential services, click here.

Lighting Design

Want to know the secret to creating an enjoyable and relaxing ambiance? It all boils down to lighting design. Our team of electricians in Atlanta are experts in designing and maintaining just the right lighting to create an environment that is pleasing and enhances your interior and exterior spaces. Let us share the power of a well-lit space!

Bates Electric of Atlanta lighting design services include:

• Interior and exterior lighting design, landscape lighting, parking lot lighting, pool, and spa lighting, fixture repair and re-lamping, lighting audits and retrofits, signage install and repair, warehouse lighting

For a full list of our lighting design services, click here.

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Solar Panels

Looking to boost the value of your property and also reduce your utility expenses? We have the ticket: solar power. Producing affordable, clean, and sustainable energy can easily be done by harnessing the power of the sun, directly from your roof! Our team of electrical contractors in Atlanta are fully equipped to efficiently install solar panels to your home or commercial building.

Enhance your lifestyle. Lower your expenses and protect the environment with solar panels! The best part is, we do all the dirty work.

Whole Home Generators

As a resident of Atlanta, you’re no stranger to an unexpected power outage. The inconvenience and unpredictability of an outage due to utility disruptions, natural disasters, or inclement weather, can leave you out of power and panicking. As a proud partner of Generac Power Systems Inc, Bates Electric Atlanta is proud to offer a state-of-the-art emergency generator for your home, recreational vehicle, or business. Featuring an automatic transfer switch, the Generac standby generators will power up within seconds of a power outage.

Our Atlanta electricians are experts in retrofitting an existing power system or incorporating a generator to seamlessly fit into a new build. Portable systems are also available.

Don’t be left powerless by an unexpected outage. Click here for more details.

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Industrial / Commercial Electrical Services

Our team of Atlanta electrical contractors are well-versed in the complexities of commercial and industrial electrical services. Often inundated with sophisticated control systems, challenging equipment, complicated specifications and high standards, commercial and industrial jobs require skill and knowledge. Whether your institution or facility is in need of design, repairs, or maintenance, Bates Electric Atlanta is here to help!
Commercial facilities and institutions we service include:
• Police stations, hospitals, medical office buildings, schools, small businesses, assisted living facilities, retail stores, hotels
• assisted living facilities, retail stores, hotels, small businesses, schools, office buildings, medical offices, police stations
For a complete list of services, click here.

Day or night, rain or shine, your safety is our top priority. With our 24/7 emergency services, you can rest assured that Bates Electric of Atlanta can be by your side when you need it most. Our electrical contractors are dispatched via GPS, easily locating the technician closest to you. Our prompt response ensures help is on the way to safely and quickly remedy the emergency. Emergency services are available around the clock for your business or home.
For an estimate, contact us today at 770-626-4988 We look forward to serving you!

Bates Electric Atlanta is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are proud to offer electrical contractor services in Alpharetta, Marietta, and all communities with a 35-mile radius of Atlanta.

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