Outlets Can I Wire On The Same Circuit

How Many Outlets Can I Wire On The Same Circuit?

The circuit breakers in your home’s electrical panel are designed to serve as safety devices. When it comes to trying to figure out how many outlets you can wire on […]

is surge protection worth it

Is Surge Protection Worth It? [5 Reasons To Consider]

At home, we have numerous electrical appliances. All these work on the specific voltage under the given electrical technology. If a sudden spike occurs in voltage, can you guess what […]

outdoor electrical outlet in yard

How To Install Outdoor Electrical Outlet In Yard [Safe Way]

Our lives are made easier with electricity, whether it is indoors or outdoors. It is obvious why we need electricity inside, as it makes it possible to watch television, browse […]

GFI Vs GFCI Outlets

GFI Vs GFCI Outlets | What You Need To Know

Ground faults in electrical appliances and fixtures result in several fatalities each and every year.¬†¬† You might be a homeowner looking to upgrade your home’s electrical needs or check off […]

electrical panel upgrade Cape Girardeau MO

Electrical Panel Upgrade [Cost & When Is It Necessary?]

While you probably don’t give it much thought, your home’s electrical panel is an important component of the electrical system. As consumers use more power on a daily basis, there […]

lights flickering

10 Reasons For Lights Flickering In Your Home

If you’re experiencing¬† dimming or flickering lights in your home, don’t dismiss it as simply an annoyance. While there are some situations liek a loose connection that are easy to […]

whole home fan st louis

How Does A Whole House Fan Work?

What is a Whole House Fan? At the beginning of every day, you’re probably already wondering how to stay cool through the night ahead, since there’s nothing worse than waking […]


Ceiling Fan Installation – St Louis

Ceiling Fan Installation – St Louis The ceiling fan is one of the most common electrical appliances found in homes all around St Louis. It is used for cooling purposes […]


Electrical Panel Upgrades St Louis

The electricians at Bates Electric St Louis know that technology is always changing, but it’s important to make sure your home’s service panel still has up-to-date capabilities. With all the […]

generac whole home generator

Whole Home Generator, Should I Buy?

Storm season is approaching. Now is the perfect time to consider setting up a whole home generator. A Generac generator ensures a fully functional and efficient house, offers undisturbed power […]

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