Electrical Panel Upgrades St Louis

Electrical Panel Upgrades St Louis

The electricians at Bates Electric St Louis know that technology is always changing, but it’s important to make sure your home's service panel still has up-to-date capabilities. With all the devices and appliances today in older structures like yours (or even newer ones), you could overload them if they don't have enough power on hand for safety reasons! Contact us at 636-242-6334 and our electrician team can help answer any questions about what kind of panels would best suit these needs - just contact us now before it's too late!.

The truth is, most homes built today will be able to handle the needs of many family members. However, there are homeowners who have decided to expand their space by adding more rooms or garage space. Many people living in older houses have found that their electrical service panel just won’t cut it anymore, especially after having children or bringing in a large kitchen appliance.

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For those with outdated electrical panels, an electrical panel upgrade can provide more access for appliances, and create a stronger power supply you should consider upgrading your panel. In addition, if you have a main electrical service that is too small to handle the requirements of the home or business then it may be time to upgrade as well. There are a couple of reasons why you should upgrade your electrical service panel in St Louis.

1. You want to add more access to appliances and provide a better power supply for your home or business

2. Your main electrical service is too small.

3. Electrical fires have been known to occur from overloading the circuits of an electrical service panel.


For homeowners, if you are expanding or want a larger home without moving then upgrading your electrical service panel is a viable option. It will not only meet code requirements but also provide safety measures necessary when it comes to standard operations and fire equipment in homes today due to faulty wiring resulting in overloaded circuits which lead to accidents like house fires. Electrical panels contain breakers that offer different types of protection. Electrical panels are designed to keep the cutting-off power flowing through circuits for safety reasons, but there is sometimes an overload of power that makes it difficult for the breaker to maintain the amount required by the circuit. Installing more breakers on existing electrical panels reduces or stops power supply issues and provides you with enough lines to install new appliances in your home.

Homeowners can upgrade their electrical services by having us increase their main service line, install a sub-panel box, or just replace older panels inside homes that no longer meet code standards due to old age or damage from fire hazards. For example, some St Louis MO homeowners have upgraded with 100 amp 3 phase services which provide additional capacity to make room for future growth without increasing circuits to different parts of your home. Electrical panels consist of a main breaker that allows the panel to be turned off if necessary. Circuit breakers represent fuses that prevent electrical fires from occurring by disconnecting the circuit when overloaded. Electrical panels also have a grounding wire that ensures the home can provide power to those items needing it for safety reasons, so be sure you upgrade yours as soon as possible! Call us today to book an electrical inspection to make sure your electrical wiring & circuit breakers in your current panel are not posing a safety risk.

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In addition, homeowners should find out if there are any discounts or utility company incentives available before upgrading their electrical service panel in St Louis. In many places, you may be able to get assistance with some of these expenses through energy-saving programs and tax credits offered by local public utility companies. Electrical panels can last up to 30 years before needing to be replaced, but this really depends on the usage of the electrical panel.

Electrical panels typically contain breakers that give homeowners the option to turn off power for safety purposes. Electrical panels also have grounding wires that ensure electrical appliances can provide power safely and meet code requirements. When you upgrade your panel, you add more circuit breakers which help to lower or stop overloaded circuits from occurring, thus reducing the risk of accidents like house fires while providing enough lines for future appliance installation.

If you’re thinking about expanding your home in St Louis, MO, it may be time to look into upgrading your electrical service panel since this will allow you to easily add on extra space and make room for any new appliances and technology being brought into your home.

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