Whole Home Generator, Should I Buy?

Whole Home Generator, Should I Buy?

Storm season is approaching.

Now is the perfect time to consider setting up a whole home generator.

A Generac generator ensures a fully functional and efficient house, offers undisturbed power during storms and other unexpected power outages.

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Getting the Right Generator!

Mindful preparation, picking the right size generator, following state guidelines relating to the setup, is key to the entire purchasing procedure.

Sure, you could purchase an inexpensive portable gas generator.


Yes, whole-home generators themselves are more costly than their smaller counterparts, and it's natural to think you may conserve some cash and try to "make-do."

But do so only if you can tolerate the loud sound it's going to make—also do not forget the fact they require a substantial quantity of fuel. You can anticipate approximately fifty gallons of fuel to keep it running for a week.

And then the reality of it all, it will not have the ability to manage all your electrical devices, particularly if you utilize a central air conditioning conditioner.

What no, A/C? But it's 100 degrees in the shade today!

If you can tolerate such inconvenience and feel sweaty until the power company fixes your electric, then go ahead and save a few bucks, but are you?

A whole-home generator can potentially save you money and hassle in the long run.

Things to Consider

  • Humidity, if your A/C is not running and humidity is over 60%, there is a good chance for rapidly developing mold that can ruin your home and its contents.
  • If your home is damaged during the event that caused your power outage, the ability to use power tools for temporary repairs is going to be quicker and less stressful than hand tools.
  • Some of you may also have electric well water pumps, no A/C, and no shower, not a very pleasant combination for anyone.
  • Convenience is also an aspect to consider. As well as being not being in the dark, hot, smelly and trying to eat all the food in your refrigerator before it goes bad, you could be enjoying all the ordinary comforts of your home.
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What Does the Setup Include?

The setup procedure will most likely take you a couple of days, in some cases, 24 hours.

A condensed overview of the process is:

  • Moving the generator to a location, you desire, somewhere stable and well-drained on a gravel or concrete pad, and adhering to safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Also, check with local H.O.A, if you have one about guidelines for placement.
  • Attaching a fuel connection to the generator with appropriate pipeline fitting. (Natural Gas, Propane or Diesel)
  • Installing the transfer switch next to the main breaker box
  • Simulating an outage to make sure everything is working correctly.

Is It Okay to Do It Yourself?

In the majority of states, it's not permitted and is extremely dangerous to try to do it yourself without extensive training, an appropriate license, permits.

A whole-home generator install is one task a Do It Yourself-er should never attempt as you are dealing with not only electricity but also a fuel source.

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